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Ikariam team

  • Скъпи играчи, На 28.11.2018., между 03:00 и 10:00 (CET) ще извършим поддръжка на системите. По това време нашите услуги и сървъри няма да бъдат достъпни. Статус -> Причината за това е преместване на нашия център за данни. Поради, което поддръжката може да отнеме по-дълго време от очакваното. В бъдеще ще имаме достъп до по-добри технологии, благодарение на което ще можем да ви осигурим по-добро изживяване на игрите. Екипът на Gameforge

  • Скъпи играчи, За да сме сигурни, че отговаряме на най-новите стандарти за интернет безопасност, направихме някои промени в магазините ни, които ще бъдат валидни от 26-ти април. Остарелите версии на браузърите няма да се поддържат от магазините ни. В случай, че ползвате една от тези версии, ще трябва да обновите браузъра ви до по-нова версия. Ако посетите наш магазин с остаряла версия на браузъра ви, след 26-то април, то ще видите страница с грешка. Поради тази причина бихме желали да ви помолим …

  • RoM_DZ_News_.jpg At Gameforge there’s nothing we love more than games – and now our latest passion has landed: Dropzone! This game is the perfect blend of adrenaline and strategy, of MOBA and RTS, of cerebral tactics and blistering action… and it’s available on Steam right now! Head over to Steam today and check it out for yourself! Watch the trailer: Your Exclusive Gift As a Gameforge player, we have a special welcome gift for you: a coupon for a Vision Tower Cus…

  • New server new pricing

    djakon - - Игра


    Dear players, with the opening of some new servers today those new servers as well as the public test server will be outfitted with a new shop and pricing system. These changes will then, in due course, be rolled out to all Ikariam servers as usual with new versions, after the testing phase. You'll notice that some prices will change. Some things will become more expensive while others will become cheaper, some even considerably so. We're aware that this brings along some major change in parts, …

  • Server 5 - Epsilon backup

    djakon - - Игра


    Hi, Due to hardware failure we have been forced to move Server 5 (Epsilon) to new hardware and use backup from 16:00 today. Best regards, djakon, Community Manager

  • dzsmfph.png 15 minutes of thrilling action in a fight to upload the most cores! A revolution in RTS from Sparkypants Studios and Gameforge: Dropzone. For more amazing imagery and information about Dropzone tune in to our social media channels: Or subscribe to the newsletter on

  • Problem with credit cards

    djakon - - Payment information


    Dear Community, We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our provider for credit card payments. Some users may have troubles completing their payments. We are working hard to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Best Regards, Your Gameforge Payment Team

  • <!DOCTYPE html> <html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns=""> Hex: Shards of Fate /* Hex: Shards of Fate */ table { border-spacing:0; } td { border-collapse: collapse !important; mso-line-height-rule:exactly; } table { border-collapse: separate } .ExternalClass * { line-height: initial !important; } *{ -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; } .ExternalClass { width: 100%; background-color: #010101; } td.tcbg { background-pos…

  • Hi, We will have maintenance for Coupon option in our payment system on 28th January between 6am and 2pm (GMT +1). Coupon option will be completely unavailable for use in given time-frame. Best regards,djakon, Community Manager

  • CashU - new policy

    djakon - - Payment information


    Hi, CashU put a new policy in place which basically adresses the problem that coupons purchased in country A could also be redeemed on an account registered in country B. CashU now allows coupons only to be redeemed in the country where they have been purchased and where the account is registered. Example:A coupon purchased from United Kingdom can’t be used by a user if his registered profile country is Italy, since United Kingdom is from a region that is different from Italy. Here you can find …